Security & Disaster Recovery

Truly resilient IT plans combine security and recovery so in the event an attack does infiltrate the firewall, it is critical that organisations have a plan that allows for rapid recovery and business operations as usual as quickly as possible.

Even with the best security technology, prevention is not a guaranteed and man-made disasters can and will happen.


We take an expansive view of disaster recovery and business continuity, working to ensure that every element of your infrastructure, applications and data is protected. Not only protected, but managed in a way to get your IT back up and running, to allow your business to continue operating .

Protection & Monitoring
Some key features:
Cloud based Anti Virus
Web content filtering
Malware / Ransomware Protection
VPN Remote Connectivity
Backup & Recovery
Some key features:
Onsite & Offsite backups
Full virtualisation backups
Entire infrastructure replication
Data integrity checks and scenario testing
Firesafe physical data stores

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